Fits and Starts, Again?

And it begins. I took the time today, a day off for sloth I may add, to merge the two sites I stupidly keep online serving no real purpose. Except, that is, parking a domain on one, and not updating the other with current work. If nothing else, here I am at another beginning. Trying to take my knowledge and art serious enough to contribute to its nurturing with regularity.

All website owners have a few higher aspirational goals when they set out to build a site. You want to convey a message, speak truth to power, or reveal an artistic voice that have laid dormant for too long. It may be an attempt to obtain an audience of visitors who by chance, you hope, dig what they find when your site’s URL is typed in, or your name is searched on Google. I’m still working on what this blog should actually be about. But, you have to start someplace and let your motivation, inspiration, and perspiration find a focus point.

I still consider myself humbly amateur as an photographer. Its difficult for me to accept that I may have something to say, at the very least when it comes to my own experiences. We’re experts on our own experiences, and that’s how I’ve learned; I visited thousands of sites, viewed millions of pages, and learned from the people who were just like me at the beginnings of their journeys. I love to teach what I know; I love being a subject-matter expert and always have throughout my professional careers. I posses an eclectic mix of job experiences, positions small and grand, and and acquired many skill sets, including adult attention deficit disorder. I proudly proclaim that I am indeed insatiably curious, and this simple truth has launched me on many goals and resulted in many journeys. 

So, with that said, here we go again. Time to contribute to my art by utilizing this tool called a website. To display and speak my own voice authentically without the filter of social media, and seeking no mass following. Just a simple online journal of my artistic journey through the art and form of photography. Wish me luck!

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