Photographing a home is an opportunity to begin telling a story. It could be a story of new beginnings and new possibilities. Or a story of achieving a milestone or fulfilling a dream. Each room in a house, including its gardens, patios, and surroundings, are awaiting their chance to tell new stories. I use an interest in architecture, interior design, and natural habitats to help inform me of how natural and artificial light can enhance a home or property to display and highlight its own uniqueness and special features. I pay attention to the richness of its details to fill in depth and character and I'm proud to offer professionally produced real estate images, video clips, and arial footage for agents, brokers, builders, and architects. Please visit my Instaproofs site to view more examples of the many homes and properties I've helped promote and ultimately sell. To book a session please visit my booking page, also on Instaproofs.

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