About Me

Welcome! I'm Rodney Drewery, a photographer based here in SE Michigan. For over 15 years, and counting, I've used the lens and camera as my tools of choice to express my artistic creativity and vision. "Eclectic" is the word I personally use most often to describe my photography, but it's mostly a matter of curiosity. I'm just insatiably curious and it shows in the range of images I produce. Yes, I still use film because there's a timelessness and beauty about the look and feel of an image produced using older analog mediums, and then having that image printed, mounted, and hung adoringly on a wall. 

Photography is a commitment to continuous learning, and that happens to represent my personal ethos: always be learning. And with that in mind you'll find that I employ a range of cameras and lenses to achieve not only a personal vision, but that of my clients as well. Whether it be the soft pastels of color film to capture a family at play, or the digital renderings to promote a brand or product, I'm always in search of a way or method to best achieve the desired results.

Please let me know how I can help you with your photography needs, heirlooms, or the creation of images specific to your own brand, vision, or personal creativity.

Rodney Drewery


Portraiture is timeless. I offer studio sessions, location settings, photo books, and photo walls. 



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